Art on Display is proud to offer "Lincoln Landmarks" prints by local artist Bill Shaffer. With a delightfully retro look, Bill's prints make perfect gifts for re-located Nebraskans, Lincoln history buffs, and Lincolnites from all walks of life.  Each is a signed open edition print.

Please contact us on the availability of prints.

Nebraska State Capitol:
Sizing & Pricing

Small Print: $60
Paper Size = 8.5"x18"
Image Size = 6.75"x15.5"

Medium Print: $80
Paper Size = 15.5"x29"
Image Size = 11"x23.25"

Large Print: $100
Paper Size = 18"x36"
Image Size = 13.5"x31"

Nebraska State Capitol Landmark Print

Lincoln Landmark Prints:
Sizing & Pricing

Small Print: $25
Paper Size: 8.5"x11"
Image Size: 7"x 9"

Medium Print: $50
Paper Size:11"x14"
Image: 9.25"x12.4"

Large Print: $75
Paper Size:18"x24"